January 29 to january 29 horoscope

You have the courage to move into new opportunities and encounter tough situations in the work area.

Your Horoscope for the Week of January 29

Loving care in relationships brings back harmony and mutual respect. Open your heart and allow feelings to surface as they clear clouds of confusion around you. Lucky number 9.

Colour blue. You may restructure routines, schedules, travel plans, work systems, food habits, fitness programs and regular patterns. You are able to meditate and focus on higher levels of consciousness and grow from a spiritual experience.

JANUARY 29 ZODIAC – The Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

Love and romance are on the cards! Lucky number Colour red. You make swift decisions, and act quickly to avail of lucrative opportunities that come your way. You infuse enthusiasm in whatever you do.

Lucky number 5. You gain from communication skills when old projects are revived.

The moon enters Sagittarius today.

Media exposure is on the cards. You keep looking for breaks during a socially busy time combined with a hectic schedule. A shopping spree can ruin your budget and financial plans; watch out! Lucky number 6. Colour turquoise. You focus on resolving material, earthy aspects and details today.

Financial deals and transactions are conducted smoothly. Like many Aquarians, they generally keep up a hectic pace yet may be unwilling to commit to anything more than the occasional trot around the block.

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There are no better teachers than the men and women born on January They love learning and have an affinity for inspiring others to love it. They may change career plans several times. Although they are unconventional in their thinking, they have a healthy respect for money. January 29 men and women want to help others see the power and beauty of life through personal accountability and wise choices. They love and respect knowledge and wish to share it with others.

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They want to know themselves and understand their motivations. They have the courage and integrity to ask hard questions. This is highlighted even more by the movement of Venus, the planet of love and magnetism moving into your sign Friday. In the next few months, you can attract virtually anyone you apply your mind and creativity toward.

Daily horoscope for Tuesday January 29 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

But some inevitable shifts of focus and priority will ask you to reconsider everything you hold sacred. You are known as one of the slowest and steadiest signs of the zodiac, but the past few months have seen you in an uncharacteristically busy period of change and growth. Now is the time to slow down, stabilize, and reappraise everything that has been happening.

If you had a feeling that certain things just weren't going to work out, you will get that confirmation Tuesday and Thursday, when inferior plans and ideas can be exposed and discarded. But the biggest news of the week is Friday when your ruler, alluring Venus, moves into your zone of privacy and intuition, where it will join active Mars.

With these two celestial bodies in this most private part of your chart, you are being given lots of subtle signals, so read between the lines. This part of your chart is majorly active for the next few months, so take care to slow down and reflect — you may come out with a very different POV on the other side!

You are a thoughtful person, and now is a time when your mind, and your vision, are expanding in fascinating ways. You have been rather all over the place recently, especially in regards to some financial or emotional situation. You may have gone back and forth in your mind a million times about how you truly feel about it.

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  • But this week is the time to put that to bed and move on one way or another. If there are important conversations to be had to clear the air, do it Tuesday or Thursday. After that, make peace with the situation and move on. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moves into your zone of teams, friends, and groups Friday.

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    Your communal ties are especially important the next few months, so it's worth taking an honest appraisal of how you feel you could be doing better, and what you truly want from this part of your life. So much change has been in the air recently, and now you can put the past behind you once and for all, and enjoy the unmistakable thrill of some exciting new fresh starts. Difficult conversations and tense relationships may have been a point of contention over the past few months, which has undoubtedly been stressing you out.

    If there is anything still in the air that needs to be cleared, pick up the phone and do it Tuesday or Thursday. You don't have room for people or relationships that are bringing you down! Last week, active Mars moved into your career zone, and Friday, magnetic Venus joins the party. The next few months offer unrivaled opportunities to capitalize on your status and success to land your dream job. But the caveat is that what you want may be shifting and changing, so give things space to develop on their own.

    You have been feeling pushed and pulled in a few different directions recently, and this week, you can finally break free of annoying obstacles and move toward a brighter, clearer vision of what you want, both personally and professionally. Drama or mixed messages with coworkers, employees, or teammates has been a major source of stress over the past few months, and the hammer will fall one way or another this week. Make changes or instigate difficult conversations Tuesday or Thursday.

    You'll feel so much better when all of this is behind you! Especially because creatively, you are moving into a very inspiring time, with Venus, the planet of love and magnetism, moving into your ninth house of travel and philosophical pursuits Friday. The next few months, you will be focused on education, travel, and the "big picture" of what you want.