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If you're a February baby, you're certainly in good company.

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People born between February 1 and February 18 were born under the star sign Aquarius, while those born later in the month are under Pisces. Aquarians are often considered to be original and progressive thinkers with strong humanitarian instincts, while Pisces are often very compassionate and artistic. No, red roses aren't the go-to flower for people born in this month.

Instead, they have two lovely blossoms: the violet , which signifies loyalty and faithfulness, and the primrose , which symbolizes youth and undying love. The ancient Greeks believed this rich purple gem kept the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted, while centuries later Leonardo da Vinci claimed that amethyst helps to quicken intelligence and get rid of evil thoughts.

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It's also associated with peace, stability, courage, and strength. If you're born on February 29 , then you're going to have to wait until for your next official calendar birthday. But most people just choose to celebrate it on February 28 or March 1 during non-leap years. People born in February, March, and April are less likely to experience neurological issues than people born during the rest of the year.

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However, February-born people should watch their sodium intake , as people born in these months have a slightly higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Those born in this month are often more likely to be affected by sleep disorders , and a UK study found that most people's overall sleep quality suffers during February.

Researchers found that when men born in February marry women born in May, their relationships are often "explosive.

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On a chart demonstrating which birth dates are most common and which are rare , February comes up pretty light, especially compared to August and September. So if you're born in this month, you should feel extra-special! Because it's National Margarita Day , of course. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. MoMo Productions Getty Images.

February Babies Are Taller Zoran Zeremski Getty Images. Winter Kids Are Easier. Lloret Getty Images.

They're likely to be artists or They're also more likely to be famous. Noel Fisher is a famous Actor, who was born on March 13 , As a person born on this date, Noel Fisher is listed in our database as the 16th most popular celebrity for the day March 13 and the th most popular for the year People born on March 13 fall under the Zodiac sign of Pisces, the Fish.

Noel Fisher is the th most popular Pisces. In general, Noel Fisher ranks as the th most popular famous person of all time.

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