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Chinese Lantern Festival. Chinese New Year Day Festivals.

2020: Year of the Rat

Chinese Horoscope Fortune Calendar. Predictions for Finance for Snakes in the year foretell a year of fluctuating fortunes. As the stars are not favorable, you may end up with some losses financially. Compared to the year , your financial situation will be better, but still, you have to be vigilant and old-fashioned. It is essential that you keep a strict watch on your expenses and try to save as much as possible for the rainy day. Health Horoscope for Snake forecasts the rather depressing year in matters of well being.

Friends and aged family members are likely to fall sick. Prompt medical assistance will avoid the aggravation of ailments.

How long is Chinese New Year holiday?

You may be prone to minor health problems. As a precaution, maintain your health by the right fitness routines, proper diet, and enough relaxation.

A Sneak Peek of What 2020 Will Be Like For You

So, you should be optimistic and attend parties to brighten up your life. Lucky Numbers: 4 and 7. Lucky Colors: Brown, Green, Yellow. Unlucky Colors: Blue, Gray.

1982 Chinese Zodiac

Lucky Direction: West. January warns you to watch your actions and words to avoid difficulties. February is a month of varying fortunes, bad for finances. March requires you to be prepared for any likely problems.

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  • April is a time to look out for openings and grabbing them. June is an unlucky period, and so things are looking pretty bad.

    Auspicious Wedding Dates Chinese

    July will be a lucky month and will improve your life. August promises good finances and healthy relationships. September will require you to be sensible in solving problems.

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    • It's just a coincidence that they held at the same day in and In other time, they are not on the same day. Hi, the 7 days are the official holidays. In some areas, it will last until the Lantern Festival. Tailor My Trip.