January 24 weekly horoscope

You have the ability to detach yourself from people and situations, which allows your understanding to develop without hinderance. This quality, when paired with original thinking, allows you to understand people in a way that others may struggle to comprehend. Your progressive thinking may become a curse in times where you rather retreat into your own world than deal with conventional society. Luckily, your innately social nature keeps you from fully removing yourself from the world.

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One of the most fascinating characteristics of Aquarians born on January 24 is their need to break patterns and shock those closest to them. Beneath the surface of their sophistication, they are kind. The holidays have been over forever. So why do you still look for lights and laughter? You need warmth.

You love heart-felt connections. Note that the Super Moon eclipse is in your sign.

Here is your horoscope for January 24, 12222

Magic and realignment are in your corner this week. You deserve a room with a view! Tradition versus adaptive.

A streak of this belongs to you right now. Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and the Sun are in your romance sector. Then the Sun transits to create the Super Moon eclipse, and modern becomes your middle name. The balance beam you walk can swing at dangerous angles. Dealing with siblings or someone who functions like one will take you through the Super Moon eclipse of friends and romance. With Ceres still in your sign, will your trust in the universe grow?

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A smidge? Getting used to creature comforts can seem a form of betrayal to Scorpio. Wondering what more is around the corner? This is especially true now, with Venus in your sign gifting as much as she can. Jupiter is there too, making everything larger. While events may arrive at such a pace you could burst, you can do this.

May they help mobilize you to seize all emerging opportunities to come forth, spring up, grow, thrive, swell, and increase in numbers or strength. They might grow more underfur or feathers, and some add extra fat. To conserve heat, they might huddle together with each other.

Planetary Row

In the coming weeks, I don't think you'll have to do what they do. But I do suspect it will be a good time to engage in behaviors that have a resemblance to hibernation: slowing down your mind and body; thinking deep thoughts and feeling deep feelings; seeking extra hugs and cuddles; getting lots of rich, warm, satisfying food and sleep.

What else might appeal to your need to drop out of your fast-paced rhythm and supercharge your psychic batteries? I don't suggest that they actually eat the pages, though there is historical precedent for that. The Bible describes the prophet Ezekiel as literally chewing and swallowing a book. And there are accounts of 16th-century Austrian soldiers devouring books they acquired during their conquests, hoping to absorb the contents of the texts. But in accordance with current astrological omens, I suggest that in the next four weeks you acquire the wisdom stored in books by actually reading them or listening to them on audio recordings.

In my astrological opinion, you really do need, for the sake of your psychospiritual health, to absorb writing that requires extended concentration.

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Daily Astrology Horoscope: January 24 - Free Your Mind!

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